This is a prototype of Ninja vs Wasps.

How to Play:

  • Use left and right arrow to move the ninja.
  • Try to avoid the poisonous animals and collect fruits and vegetables on the way.
  • If you get poisoned, the poison on the right top will grow. If you got stung by a wasp, the ninja becomes green and the bar will grow steadily. If the bar is full, it's game over.
  • You can find water bottles. If you have a water bottle and hit a wasp afterwards, there will be no poison.
  • Sometimes you might even encounter antidote which will get rid of all poison.
  • If you hit chewing gum, you will become slower and can't move for a moment.


This game was developed with:

  • Godot
  • PikoPixel
Made withGodot
TagsPixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds